Golden Visa

Residence permit for foreign investors for investment activity in Portugal. It has a validity period of one year, renewable every two years thereafter. Allows the right to tax as an non-habitual resident for 10 consecutive years.

To have access to the Golden Visa is necessary and sufficient one of the
following situations (individually or in partnership):

  • Capital transfer of EUR 1 million or more;
  • Creation of 10 or more jobs;
  • Acquisition of real estate worth 500 thousand euros or more;


  • Entering Portugal without waiver of residence visa;
  • Reside and work in Portugal even with residence in a different country;
  • Low minimum periods of stay (7 consecutive or interim days in the first year and 14 days in the following two years);
  • Circulate through the Schengen area without a visa;
  • Residence extended to family members (family reunification);
  • Request the granting of Permanent Residence Authorization;
  • Request the acquisition of Portuguese nationality by naturalization, fulfilling the other requirements required by the Nationality Law;
  • Permanent residence possible after 5 years;
  • Citizenship possible after 6 years.


  • Residence permits are granted to third-country nationals for the purpose of carrying on an investment activity, provided that investors:
  • Maintain the investment for a minimum of 5 years;
  • Investment funds come from abroad;
  • Enter Portugal with a valid Schengen Visa;
  • Have no references to the Portuguese Immigration Service and the Schengen Area services;
  • Have no record of conviction for a relevant crime;
  • Have had a minimum stay in Portugal: 7 days during the first year and 14 days in each subsequent two year period.